What are Recognition Trophies?

Recognition trophies are awards given to people to acknowledge their accomplishments, their strengths, and their contributions to others. By identifying and recognizing these traits in people, it improves their self-esteem and makes them even better.

Don Clifton created a method to help identify the strengths and talents in individuals. He understood we are all different, we all have strengths, things we are good at, and there are things we are not so good at, everyone is different. Some of us are more analytical than others, some are better at relationships, some of us are better at influencing others. Working with scientists at the Gallup Polling organization, he identified 34 different strengths and created a test to measure which areas each person is strongest in. After taking the simple test, they give you a list of your top 5 strengths.

It’s normal human nature to want to know what you are weak in and try to improve those areas. This is a mistake. According to Clifton and the people at Gallup, putting energy into enhancing your strengths will reap much larger rewards than trying to improve your weaknesses. We know we are all different, so embrace what makes you different and always play to your strengths!

So, when you are recognizing your team players at the end of the season, acknowledge and praise their strengths. Let them know what you think they are best at and recognize each athlete individually. They will appreciate the positive feedback and recognition. And it will give them an area to focus on next season!

In case you are having a brain block when coming up with something to recognize your players for, here is a list of recognition examples:

MVP – Most Valuable Player
MIP – Most Improved Player
MDP – Most Dedicated Player
Most Motivated Player
Most Dynamic Player
Most Exciting Player
Most Determined Player
Most Committed Player
Most Friendly Player
Most Inspirational Player
Most Excellent Player
Best Defensive Player
Best Offensive Player
Hardest Working Player
Highest Energy Level
Best Team Spirit
Best Teamwork Award
All Star Award
Always Shows Up
Always Gives 100%