How much does a custom trophy cost?

The cost of a custom trophy depends on how custom it is. There are levels of customization from simple to complex and the more complex the customization, the more expensive the trophy will be.

All trophies are custom made to some degree. Even a simple participation team trophy with a plastic figurine on a marble base and an engraved trophy plate on the front is custom made from pieces and the trophy plate is custom engraved to the instructions of the customer. Even a resin trophy has a custom engraved trophy plate added to the front. So the lowest cost of a custom made trophy would probably be in the $4 to $5 range.

Custom economy, resin, and acrylic trophies

A more complex custom made trophy would offer columns of different sizes and colors combined with different sizes of trophy bases. These trophies can be quite large and contain multiple columns. Bases can be made of wood or marble and the trophies can be constructed to form several levels and have cups and multiple figurines incorporated into the design. The basic feature of this level of trophy complexity is that they are constructed from pre-existing stock parts. The cost of a custom made trophy with this level of complexity can range from $5 to over $100.

Baseball Trophies

The next level of complexity is a trophy made of stock parts with the addition of custom cut acrylic pieces or pieces of custom printed stock parts added to the trophy. Here for instance, if someone wanted a trophy with a pineapple on it, and we could not find a stock pineapple figurine (we couldn’t), then we could design artwork of a pineapple and cut the shape out of piece of acrylic using a laser engraver and color print a pineapple on the shape using our UV Color Printer. The acrylic piece could then be added to some stock trophy bases for a custom trophy made from a combination of stock parts and custom cut parts.

Custom Trophies

The most complex level of a custom made trophy is one that uses parts that are hand made or are made using non-stock parts. Here the sky is the limit. If you can dream it, then perhaps it can be made. We get queries from customers on a regular basis asking if we can make trophies with turtles, or wrenches, or gold hearts. There are 3-D printers available that can create custom trophy parts, but the cost for the custom made parts start well over $100 each, plus the creative time and the cost for the rest of the trophy parts and engraving. So 3-D printed custom trophies can end up costing hundreds of dollars each! Sometimes works of art are incorporated into trophies and the cost of these custom trophies will vary depending on the cost of each art piece, but they too can cost hundreds of dollars each.